Abortion: The Crime Against Humanity

There are a lot of things wrong with the world. Drug and alcohol abuse are rampant, cities are becoming increasingly violent, and human on human crimes are becoming more and more common.

What do you think of when I say ‘human on human crimes’? Maybe you think of things like human trafficking, or abuse. While both of these things are greatly wrong, there is another issue that needs to be more urgently addressed. Abortion, which is a great crime against humanity. Science tells us that abortion is certainly a human on human crime, but the people who call themselves ‘pro-choice’ would have you believe otherwise. They claim that abortion is a human right belonging to pregnant women, but I challenge that claim. I say that abortion is a clear moral tragedy that needs much more attention than it currently receives.

As of 2009, 51% of Americans considered themselves to be pro-life, or, anti-abortion, while 42% of Americans considered themselves to be pro-choice, or, pro-abortion. 51% of Americans being anti-abortion is something worth celebrating, but unfortunately it isn’t enough. Abortion still isn’t seen as something appalling. Not enough people recognize the growing urgency to challenge pro-abortion views. Over 3,000 abortions will have occurred today in the United States alone. That’s over 3,000 lives lost. Most of these abortions occur at around 7 week’s gestation. At this time, the pre-born child has brain waves and a heart-beat. The child at this age has little developing hands, feet, and ears. While all of these things provide some validation to the humanity of pre-born children, they do not give them their value. Their value lies in the fact that they are tiny human beings made in the image God.

As if it is not enough that abortion takes the lives of developing pre-born babies, it also does a great deal of harm to mothers, fathers, and even siblings. PAS, or post abortion syndrome, effects women who have had abortions, and is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder. A person with PAS may experience feelings of guilt, anxiety, numbness, and depression among many other things.

PASS, or post-abortion survivor syndrome, effects people who have lost pre-born siblings, especially those who have had siblings aborted. These surviving siblings often feel that someone is missing from their family, even if they do not know about any past abortions in the family. If a surviving sibling does someday find out about an aborted sibling, they may face feelings of depression and guilt. The loss of the sibling is often felt acutely. Many will question why they are alive and their sibling is not. The need to grieve for the lost sibling is also common. Although they are very few, there are fortunately some places that provide healing programs for post-abortive parents and siblings. Even though these programs exist, more light still needs to be shone on the issue, as these syndromes are not well recognized.

Another thing that is not well recognized is the humanity of the pre-born child. Children in the womb are often given terms and called names that disgrace and dehumanize them in a shameful way. It is absurd that some should be led to believe that the pre-born baby is not a human. From the point of conception, this new individual has human DNA and resides in a human womb. To call it anything else besides a human being is not scientifically justifiable. 22 days from conception the heart chambers of the pre-born baby is developing. At 32 days, a primitive vertebrae is forming. At 45 days the child’s heart is beating two times as fast as its mothers. At 52 days the retina of the eye, the nose, and the fingers are developing quickly. A little creature growing this fast is obviously alive.

Some may argue that a person has a right to do with their body what they see to be fit. Specifically that a woman has the right to extinguish the life she created, if it so pleases her. This is typically called bodily autonomy in the abortion debate. It may sound learned to say that a woman has rights to her bodily autonomy, but in reality it is a quite unfounded claim. Putting restrictions on the things we may do with our bodies is something very common. Our bodies are a part of our beings, we use them to carry out tasks. The things we do with our bodies may be moral, or immoral. Typically there are laws set to make sure that no immoral act is carried out with our bodies, and these acts are punishable due to the laws that have been set. There are some thing we cannot do, and there are also certain things we have a duty to carry out. For example, it is legally punishable for a person to starve their child. Parents are responsible for the well-being of their children. I believe that a woman who partakes in a pro-creative act and becomes pregnant has a duty to carry her child and decide to either raise it or give it up for adoption. The child she is carrying has its own body, and the only place it will thrive is in its mother’s womb. It is only fair to let it grow until the time comes for the woman to give birth. Now, if the bodily autonomy claim was carried out to its logical extent, all laws and guidelines would have to be abolished, otherwise people would not be able to carry out their free will and make the choices they want to make. This is obviously a very dangerous conclusion to come to, and fortunately the only people who give much credit to bodily autonomy is the pro-abortion crowd.

With 42% of the population being pro-choice, it raises the question of what we are to do to change the hearts and minds of these people, so that pre-born babies will finally have a chance. In short, I believe that the best way to change the public’s mind is to educate them and wake them up to reality.

As we have already established, abortion is clearly a moral tragedy that needs more attention. When I say that abortion needs more attention, I don’t mean dressing it up in hot pink and calling it a choice. I mean displaying the cold hard facts boldly. We cannot, and must not be afraid to stand up for pre-born children. These babies have no voices of their own. Their families who are supposed to protect them, are being deceived into believing that there is nothing to protect. Remind them of what pregnancy really means! It’s a new human being, it’s exciting, it’s something natural, but most of all, it is something to be respected. Pregnancy is not a disease so we need to stop treating it that way. An unplanned pregnancy is not the end of the world. There are people who can and will help anyone in a crisis situation, without doing something that will result in severe emotional trauma for everyone involved.

The steps to be taken are really very simple. All you need to do is dive head first into the whole mess of the abortion debate. This may sound scary, but what I mean by saying this is that you must educate yourself. Educating yourself these days is easy. We have the internet, and easy access to libraries so there is no excuse for ignorance of the facts of abortion. This world is full of people who are dedicating their lives to saving babies, and these people are publishing books, and writing great articles exposing abortion. These same people are going and spending their days sitting outside of abortion clinics praying for the women who are about to have a simple medical procedure done that will quite possibly ruin their lives. There are websites used for the sole purpose of educating people about abortion and the abortion industry. Learn your facts, and know them well. Know what the pro-abortion side believes, and learn to refute their arguments in a way that will make them want to be a part of the growing 51% of anti-abortion people in this country. We all have the power to end abortion, we just need to use it!

My goal, is to have at least one person reading this to be righteously angry about abortion. So angry, that as soon as you finish reading this, you begin educating yourself about it, so that you can make a real effort to end abortion once and for all. I want you to be so passionate about abortion, that you can empathize with the scared mothers who feel that the only path they can take, is the path that will cut off her child’s life.

The benefits are clear. You can be a voice to the voiceless. You can save lives. But the question is, will you?


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